Proposition of event at C1.02 space / Sint-Lukas

One-day workshop/symposium on Tools for bookmaking/bookthinking

adressed to students from any discipline/academical year


Loraine: I liked the ideas of:
- catalog of tools
- call "bring your inspirational books, books you made, etc"
- extracting details, making prototypes out of them (could also be textual informations, pictures then making posters with that material...)
- we can also think about the space of the workshop, becoming something else:
- the walls can be thought as a giant billboard/... where we exhibit/display the research/leads/results
- other possibility: preparing the ground for the main event: setting questions to be asked, thinking about potential contributors/contributions, projects
Could be also collectively "writing" (not only text but also images, etc, let's say "editing"... Like on this page for instance) a chapter of the next catalogue. So the workshop would be a chapter. Which one? ...

We all agree on the fact that we don't want it to be boring :)
We all agree on the fact that it's hard to make people produce something interesting in one day. But it could work if we think about something collective
Like a collective working/thinking group

Let's continue with the brainstorming and then we can select and precise things

Your ideas:
Fernand Baudin Students Publications [F B S P] is a yearly event about making and thinking books in the student’s context in Belgium, and connected to the international and professional scene.
It aims to provide a space for shared reflection and experimentations.

Second year of the trilogy 2012-2014 - Shaping The Event, the 2013 edition of F B S P will focus on the notion of tools. Tools for thinking as well as production tools.
In the various processes and steps of making and thinking publications, we use different kinds of tools, to conceptualize, edit, layout, fund, produce, print, bind, communicate and distribute editorial objects.

No tool is obvious - a lot of contemporary editorial practices show a great interest (or sometimes just necessity) in shaping or inventing tools - and no tool is neutral.
We are a group of master students from the photography department of Sint-Lukas Brussels who have organized our master room C1.02 to give other master students the opportunity to meet one another and exhibit their work.

It works like this:
-There will be an exhibition every other Friday from 4-9pm
-One artist only / One night only
-There will be drinks and music and a lot of people to talk to and to connect with